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How to Keep Your eBay Business Organized

Where to start?

Well quite simply, if you can use a spreadsheet then you’re in business. If you don’t have spreadsheet knowledge well you can even do it old school with a pen and paper.

How to keep books without a spreadsheet…

What are you selling?

How much did you pay for that item?

What date did you list your item?

How much your item sells for?

and How much are your fees?

so it should look something like this

How To Make Serious Money On eBay

From a couple of hundred to thousands a week is totally possible. Don’t expect it to happen over night and don’t think you can quit your day job and keep your family fed with just income on this or you will regret it. On an up side, when you do start making money you will have to be very diligent and it honestly should be a two person job.

We have our own little set up way of doing things but the one thing that we couldn’t stress more…know your weak points and be real about your expectations.

Gary Vee

Don’t play around you need to watch this if you plan on being in business for yourself! Because if you Continue Reading

Finding Deals and Buttheads!

Price accordingly…If it is a pile of clothes…take out the ones you want priced higher and put in a seperate area!
If you are making deals with only people you know, then decline to another that you don’t know. Let your people you know shop a day early.
Customer service is a must. Be nice and know how to do math, if you are asking your customer how much change they get back, you don’t need to have a sale…you need to have an education. ( Not being rotten but seriously this happened at the above mentioned sale.

A Fun Game To Try Out

  Let us know below in the comments if you would like more fun games like this one.

How to Write A Description that Sells!

Descriptions: The photo of your item is the life that brings your customer to your item. However, you need to Continue Reading

How To Price Items For eBay For A Good Profit

How we Price and How we keep our Ducks in a row!   We shared with you some great ideas Continue Reading

Retail Therapy! How to Find the Goods

You now have a good scope of WHAT you want to sell Now time for some RETAIL THERAPY!     Continue Reading

How To Keep Constant Supply To Meet Demand (eBay Series)

Suppliers Well there is a ton of different opinions on this topic. Some will say the best policy is to Continue Reading

Start Selling on eBay? (Guide to Equipment Needed)

nside the eBay listing portal, you can do some adjustments like lighten and darken, and adjust the size (crop)

on pics but if you have something that has great detail, you may want to invest in something with a few more pixels to get the details. I upgraded to a Nikon CoolPix L120

14.1 megaPixels to get in some great detail shots and I can use filters if needed to see the hairs on a flea’s butt. I think the size of this bug was about 1 mm and I was about 2 feet away so not to scare it away.

To Sell or Not to Sell That is the Question! eBay Thoughts

We are starting this series not only as bloggers but as actual sellers as well.
First things first. You have to consider many things but the biggest is What are you going to sell? Once you decide that you are going to sell you have to think about a few things like:
Will I have a constant supply to meet demand?Am I going to sell new or used? Where will I store items? Do I want to consider selling as a drop shipper? What am I most knowledgeable about? (clothing, shoes, baby items, fishing…) Will I find enough of what I like to make a profit? What equipment do I need to start? How will I do my taxes? These are just a few things that we would like to share with you on blogs to come.

So Nice Ya Have to Read Twice

As always I am looking for new and funny things to share with you, our dedicated readers.   This I Continue Reading

Hidden Arcade Found!

Look what we found–   1478 N. College Ave. Fayetteville AR 72703 (Evelyn Hills shopping center) 1478 N College Ave Continue Reading

10 Personal Development Quotes To Motivate You!

We could all use a little motivation in our lives! Here are 10 powerful personal development quotes to help inspire you into taking more action to get the results that you deserve!

How to Be More Engaging to Your Audience

Remember You’re Telling a Story 

The best speakers are the ones who realize that speaking is telling a story. It’s not strictly academic. You have to be a lit